Saturday, May 29, 2021

Friendship Shayari

There was a person named Nick. Nick was a strong, healthy worker working in the maneuvering area. He is a reliable person who has a good relationship with his friends and does his job well. quotes and shayari

One summer day, train workers are released an hour in advance due to the foreman’s birthday.

Nick, who came for repair and entered a cooling wagon in the maneuvering area, accidentally closes the door from the inside, locks himself in the cooler wagon.

shayari and quotes

Other workers think Nick came out before them. Nick kicks the door, shouts, but no one hears, and those who hear do not hear much because they are in an environment where such voices are constantly coming. Nick starts to get scared when he freezes here. 

sad shayari

If I don’t get out of here, I’ll start thinking, “I’m going to freeze hard here.” It goes inside a half-torn cardboard box inside. It starts to tremble. On a piece of paper he received, he wrote to his wife and family that they had last thought:

It was so cold, my body started to feel numb. If I could sleep! These may be my last words?

friendship shayari

The works that open the door of the cooler wagon the next day find Nick’s frozen body. An autopsy shows that he died from freezing. But what made this phenomenon extraordinary was that the cooling wagon cooling engine was out of order and not working. Nick’s fear was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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