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They put five monkeys in the cage, hang a banana in the middle and a banana on top of it.

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When each monkey climbs the stairs, they squeeze cold water from the outside when they want to reach the bananas. When each monkey attempts the same experiment, it is soaked with very cold water, all monkeys get soaked at the end of these trials.

dard bhari shayari

After a while, the monkeys, who move to the bananas, start to be blocked by the others. The water is turned off, one of the monkeys is taken out and a new monkey is put in its place, the first thing he does is climb the ladder to reach the bananas. But the other four monkeys don’t allow it and beat the new monkey.

love shayari

Later, one of the soaked monkeys is replaced by a newer monkey, and he is beaten on his first attack on the ladder, this is the first new monkey to beat the second new monkey the most violent and eager. The third of the wet monkeys is also replaced. The newest monkey is also punished in his first attack. 

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The two newcomers from the other four monkeys have no idea why they beat the newest monkey. Finally, the fourth and fifth of the original wetted monkeys are replaced by new ones. Although a bunch of bananas are hanging on their hills, none of them are approaching the stairs anymore. You ask why? Because things come here and go like this.

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