Saturday, May 29, 2021

Birthday Shayari

 A teacher said while sitting in the desert with his students:

“How do you distinguish between day and night? When exactly does darkness begin and when does the air illuminate? ”

Birthday Shayari

One of the students:

“I look at the distant herd, it means that it was evening when I could not separate the sheep from the goat,” he replied.

Another student took the floor: “When I separate the fig tree from the olive tree, I understand that it started in the morning.”

funny shayari

The teacher was silent for a long time, the students were curious and asked what they thought. The teacher said:

“When I walk, when I see a woman, I can tell her my sister without separating whether she is beautiful, ugly, white or black. 

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And when I can count my brother without looking at the man, rich or poor when I walk; It has been morning, the light has begun

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